Your Property Investment Team


Lets start with one BIG difference.  When looking for a Real Estate agent or agency to assist you in investing, we are not your typical Realtors.  We only work in Investment Real Estate.  Sure, some Realtors work with a few investors here and there, but we only work with investors like you.  What does that mean for you the investor…..

  1. We know the best areas for you to invest in the Memphis area.
  2. Need financing? We work with lenders who specialize in Investment Real Estate – No surprises at the closing table because the lender you chose didn’t know what underwriters are really looking for in investment financing!
  3. We refer you to an insurance agency who only work with investors and agencies like us who recommend multiple investor clients!


  1. Not all investors are the same and neither are their objectives or goals.
  2. We understand that and tailor our services, if possible, to the individual investor and their needs.
  3. We track every pre-foreclosure in Memphis (Shelby Co), and all the surrounding counties.
  4. We track low priced homes for cash buyers.  We track homes in the 50 to 100k range.
  5. We track executive level properties.
  6. We track EVERYTHING!  If you are a serious investor with realistic goals, we can customize any area to meet your investment needs.